Facebook spam abuses Microsoft Translator and Google Translator


Facebook spam abuses Microsoft Translator and Google Translator. Today, we have come across a new facbeook spam campaign that abuses Microsoft Translator for redirecting victims to the spammer’s site.  I have come across different variants of this spam campaign within last 24 hours.

The list of variants used in this campaign includes the old profile viewer trick ” Profile Viewer version 4.6 : Check who views your profile at link in Description”.

Facebook profile viewer spam


Facebook SPAMs

Unfortunately, i can’t share the screenshots of other variants as it contains adult images.  So , here i am sharing only the description in the SPAM picture:

  • Look what she did after drinking , Video link in description
  • Looks like she enjoyed it, Video link in description
  • They gone too far
  •  Massive japanise org* sports, Follow the link to watch video
  • Beautiful girl on facebook, click on the link to know about her
  • Got caught making hot video on cam, Video link in description
  • You can’t believe she did it in bus,  Follow the link to watch video
  • Got caught in library, Video link in description
  • “She was seduced by her own uncle, find video link in description

All of the spam posts contain a “j.mp” link (url shortener) that redirects the victim to the Microsoft Translator page.  The Microsoft Translator is abused to hide the original spammer website and is used for redirecting to spammers website.

What’s worse about these spam campaign is even security researchers fall victim to the spam.  Today, one of my friend fell prey to a post that promising “Free Gift Card to spend at Starbucks!”.  So, it is useless to blame a normal users.  I believe they will realize their mistake once they find them-self victim to the attack.

Stay tuned..! I’m starting my investigation on this new campaign 😉 This article will be updated if i find anything interesting.

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