Facebook fan pages and Pakistan Army website hacked by Indian Hacker

 Facebook fan pages and Pakistan Army website hacked by Indian Hacker. If you are regular reader of EHN , you know that this is not the first time the Pakistan Army website is under cyber attack.  Once again Indian hacker “Godzilla” breached the Pakistan Army website.
The following Facebook fans pages deleted by the hacker : Pakistan Army Official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/OfficialPakArmy)  Pakistan Army Officers Club Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/fb.paoc), Pakistan Army Fan Facebook Page(www.facebook.com/pakarmyfanpage).

He claimed the admin removed the login page of CMS used by the website but failed to remove the backdoor.

“Now no more deals, if you can fire then we can bombard  You are punished for breaking ceasefire we are coming for you.” Hacker stated as reason for the cyber attack.

The website and facebook pages has been recovered at the time of writing.  It also appears the admin of the facebook pages blocked India from accessing the pages.

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