Europe’s best mobile devices of the year: Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC

The EISA award is definitely nothing trivial. It combines the merit of Europe’s largest association of appropriate journals: 50 magazines from 20 European countries are represented under the banner and have been choosing the best in categories since 1982.
EISA                                                              © EISA
In the top category for “mobile devices”, these are the devices that the EISA chose for the year 2013 (…which is a tad bit strange to be picking in August, as the year is barely half over).

Category Winners
European Advanced Smartphone 2013-2014 HTC One
European Social Media Phone 2013-2014 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
European Tablet 2013-2014 Sony Xperia Tablet Z
European Consumer Smartphone 2013-2014 Huawei Ascend P6

S4 Galaxy Mini


The Galaxy S4 Mini came in without much fanfare during the Samsung Event in London, but it’s still received some pretty positive reviews. However, we hadn’t even considered the S4 Mini as being a designated “social media phone”. I would have thought something like this would have fallen to the ill-fated HTC First, a true Facebook phone.



The HTC One has been celebrated in the tech press worldwide and continues to a triumph (at least on paper) for HTC. Unfortunately, even with all the fame and glory that is coming to HTC’s flagship device, they just can’t seem to get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug. From a weird marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr to a lack of updates for “older” hardware, it seems they take one step forward and two steps back. At least the EISA confirmed, in principle, our review of the HTC One.

Xperia Tablet Z


Being crowned the king of the “European Tablet” is nothing to scoff at as the competition has definitely been strong in this category. The tablet market is booming and every well known manufacturer is attempting to get their name and tablet devices out their into consumer hands. Even North Korea is getting in on the action, supposedly. In our test of the Xperia Z Tablet, we were very fond of the design and the hardware specs/

Ascend P6


This was the surprise for us. For the EISA to choose the Ascend P6 as the “consumer smartphone of the year” was definitely not expected. The Ascend P6 has received great reviews across the board, but the “China factor” remains so prominent that we weren’t sure that it would make that much of a splash into other markets. At least for now, this is great news for Huawei and the Ascend P6 with being able to get the attention it deserves in the Western market.

What do you think about the EISA choices? Any other devices you would have picked instead?

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