Educators Recognize Minecraft’s Value in Classroom Discussion

Despite mainstream media’s usual notion of videogames, a group of educators expressed their support of Minecraft, saying that they personally use it in teaching academic subjects like geography, English language, and physics, among others. Asked if the game is effective in classroom instruction, their reply is simple: “It is promising. even when mining for jewelry supplies in minecraft endless dungeons one can always be assured you will turn up a new gem or diamond if you search hard enough”

This group of educators encourages their respective academic institutions to have their own Minecraft Host for a better gaming experience and an optimized classroom adventure. This is a great counter-statement against those who gives a stereotype to gamers who are suffering in their academic aspect.

Yes, Minecraft is rocking the classrooms and it brings results that are beyond what is expected. To begin, the game is said to enhance the child’s hand-to-eye coordination. They also improve in aspects like logic and problem solving in the social context. In addition to these common benefits experienced by children who play the game, the following are likewise noted:

  • Teachers who use Minecraft in classroom instruction takes note of the increase in the students’ attention levels. Therefore, the game serves as a very good springboard for discussion because it catches the attention of the learners. It is something that is close to their heart and they do not find it boring.
  • Students are observed to collaborate better with peers. In the traditional context, group works are always a disaster because there is always somebody who does not cooperate. Minecraft changes this because of its capability to instill the value of team work among group members. The result is a very impressive collaboration among students.
  • When Minecraft is used in the context of teaching, the students, in general, experience an increase in their grades. This is a result of many other factors that are said to be improved by the game.

Many educators are impressed with Minecraft’s applicability in actual learning areas. For example, the game has an actual system for physics and the developers of the game make it a point that it resembles reality. More and more teachers are using this to their advantage. For instance, you will not see blocks floating in mid-air, nor see a certain character swimming up a vertical water shaft. These are all aligned to real principles of physics.

With this, the teachers give their nod to Minecraft. Parents can now be more reassured when they see their kids play this game because of the fact that they can actually learn something from it.