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Dragon Mounts Mod – The best Mod Minecraft

Do you want to play a challenging game that includes dragons? At first, you will have the impression that this animal will hunt for you. Dragon Mounts Mod 1.8,1.7.10 will lead you to a new taste of gaming experience. With the presence of fierce dragons, your entire journey would be extra special. If you have been dreaming of slaying a tough dragon before, it is now possible.


How about a ride? Dragon Mounts Mod Minecraft is the perfect game for your standards.

If you never imagine that dragons are also great buddies, this version of Dragon Mod will surely change your perspective. Wandering above the sky and exploring this game will be memorable as you are going to maximize your abilities.


To start with your first ever ride, bring your handy saddle. The tamed dragon will serve as your eyes while entering the temples, underground dungeons, and fortresses. You will never lose your path with your companion along the way. Feeding their stomach will offer them fuel until the end of the adventure. If you give them bones, the tamed dragon will sit while waiting for the location. He will get up and follow you if they are finally seated. Once you caught their trust, making commands will be at ease and stress-free. Everything will prove your favor. There are lots of ways to give additional commands where the player can tame and ride any dragon within the location. One player has an access to various commands.


How to use:

  • For hatching the dragon’s egg, there is a need to look for an ideal place—something warm and safe. Once you have found such location, it is the time to click the “right” button. The eggs will be hatched after some time.
  • When the dragon is already grown up, the player can give raw fish to it. Taking care of the dragon will result to future source of protection. If you want to give commands, the tamed animal will follow you.
  • It is also possible to ride the dragon through using the saddle.
  • If a dragon got injured, the player should feed it with beef, raw fishes, rotten flesh, and chicken. Its strength will be restored if you gave the right food.


Dragon Mounts Mod brings a unique approach to the players. This game gives a guarantee of utmost entertainment for everyone. Players can tame, feed, ride, and make commands towards the dragon who was hatched from an egg. It is great to know that you were able to nourish a dragon before making it as a companion all throughout.

This mod truly comes with exciting features that can take your gaming experience into a different level. There are already lots of gamers who have been amazed with this new mod so there is no doubt that you will love it, too. But in order to get the most of this mod, it is a pretty good thing that you are aware with the diverse features that it has.

Dragon Mounts Mod Download:

For 1.7.2


For 1.7.10


For 1.8


Credit by BarracudaATA

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