Download Tony Stark House iron Man Mod For GTA V

Anthony Edward Stark may be a character delineated  by Robert Downey boy. within the Marvel medium Universe (MCU) film franchise, supported the Marvel Comics character of an equivalent name and legendary usually by his friend, Iron Man. within the films, Stark is associate degree man of affairs, genius creator, hero and former Corinthian United Nations agency is chief executive officer of Stark Industries. At the start of the series, he’s a chief weapons manufacturer for the U.S. military, till he features a modification of heart and redirects his technical information into the creation of mechanized suits of armor that he uses to defend against people who would threaten peace round the world.
As of 2019, the character was one amongst the central figures of the MCU, having appeared in eleven films[N 1] from his introduction in Iron Man, up to Spider-Man: removed from Home. In 2015, the evolution of the character over the series was represented as “the process arc of the Marvel medium Universe”. In 2018, it absolutely was argued that “no different character goes on as transformative a journey as Iron Man”. The Iron Man character and Downey’s performance has been attributable with serving to to cement the MCU as a multi-billion greenback franchise, with Stark usually being thought-about “the godfather of the Marvel medium Universe” and one amongst the best film characters of all time


  1. Press Ctrl + N to show mods menu, use pg up/down or numpad 8, 2 to navigate, press Enter or numpad 5 to activate selected item
  2. Special vision modes – I
  3. Super melee attacks – Q
  4. Ground attack – Flight + Q
  5. Lift/grab entities: Hold Q while in ground
  6. Weapon mode – E
  7. Shoot with weapons or throw things – Left mouse button
  8. Hold space to toggle flight mode
  9. Flight controlWASD, Shift, Control and mouse.
  10. Press aim to set/remove targets for darts and missiles

Download and review :

Iron Man/Tony Stark House GTA V