Download and review Single Player Apartment mod GTA V


Mod for the plot of GTA 5, allowing you to buy houses and apartments, as in GTA Online!

Presented for the purchase of 47 apartments, various comfort with a different price!
There are garages with different number of places for cars!
Each car in the garage will be considered your personal means, which will allow you to see it on the map and restore it on destruction!
Also you can buy any car with delivery to the garage of any house!
The additional menu is opened by pressing the F6 key!

  • In addition to the F6, you can also use the cellular, through which you can call the mechanic, in Pegasus (the delivery service of airplanes, helicopters and boats) or purchase any means of transportation.
  • The mechanic not only delivers the wheelbarrow to the player, but also can return it back, regardless of its condition, and in the garage it will be like a new one.
  • Even the special colors of the body, lighting and smoke, which can be prescribed in the trainer, are preserved.
  • Where it is possible, you can change the appearance of the room.
  • In the garage you can change license plates and do a rearrangement.
  • If you play for anyone except Michael, Trevor or Franklin, then all houses and other purchases will be free (marked yellow on the map).
  • You can sell the purchased property.
  1. Drop all files from the archive into the folder with the game!
  2. Then go to the SinglePlayerApartment folder and run SPA_Tool, in the first line select True, in the second False, scroll down and press save!
  3. You can play!
    In order not to lose machines from the latest updates, install any latest trainer, for example Enhanced Native Trainer Update 32.

Download and review : Single Player Apartment mod GTA V