Download and review GTA V Re-Sized

It will not just give an increase in fps, it will also allow for a much smoother gameplay and more effects to be drawn. The quality loss is very nominal, the smoothness it produces and allowing of more rotations in crashes and more ambient things to be drawn HIGH SETTINGS ON LOW END RIGS is enabled by the increase of available memory/cpu/gpu due to the size reduction of the images.

Download and review : GTA 5 Re-Sized mod and its features

What are people saying about GTA V RE-Sized?
@N8Gamez This is awesome! I don’t need e new graphics card! As I said yesterday, mine has just 1GB. After installing this mod I have set

  • texture quality to high
  • water quality very high
  • grass quality high
  • shader quality high
  • reflections high
    The in-game graphics settings claim it uses 1740MB but this comes from a predefined formula which doesn’t take the actual texture sizes into account. The GPU monitor tells me it just uses up to 1006 MB.
    My graphics card “feels good” and I get between 25 and 28 FPS. I know the younger players will laugh at this but my eyes are old and this is sufficient for me.
    Once the update is out I will give a note to This mod deserves to be highly popular as it can help people to save a lot of money!
    The graphics industry will hate you guys for this. LOL 🙂
    @N8Gamez i can play with 29+ frames in 1920×1080 and soft shadows, x16 anisotropic filtering, and Ambient occlusion on high. The video is bad. I’m gonna make a new one.
    im trying it out now, and, right now you guys are my new god
    i was so used to be only able to use the sh*tty fxaa, but now i can put higher somewhat and not have to deal with terrible jaggies. thank you so much.
    Thanks bro I’ll check it out, eagerly waiting for the next update from you guys. Good luck. Cheers!!!
    A must have
    @N8Gamez Oh, sorry.Nevermind 🙂 Great mod.I can finally play with no stutters after 3 months of trying everything.I’m looking forward for future updates.It’s a must have for those with weaker rigs.
    I really can’t wait for a big update (almost final) update >.<
    Two things: update the description (<-) or resume, it’s very large xD. and will be good a difference video 🙂 .
    Continue updating, excellent work <3
    Amazing work man this really fixed all the stuttering and the quality doesn’t look altered much.Thanks alot !
    @N8Gamez First thanks again for this mod.I already had decent gaming rig at first i had most settings at high and was getting 40-50 fps but the problem was lag and stuttering especially when driving.The game would have random fps drops to below 25 fps.After installing this mod i definitely felt a lot smoothness in the game with very high settings now..I really appreciate your effort.
    Awesome mod , very good work !
    @Pain thats what i need! thanks bro!