Download Ancient Warfare Mod – Ancient warfare Mod for Minecraft

Ancient Warfare Mod is a mod that complements the game world of Minecarft with elements such as NPC, farm, quarry and many other attractive features. Install Ancient Warfare Mod, players will experience the construction of an ancient kingdom and enter the fierce battle with the enemy.

Download Ancient Warfare Mod and install for Minecraft game, gamers will become the head of their base, finally becoming the master of the country. The mod adds NPCs that live in the same town as the player and do jobs around that area, helping you grow the town. You can turn characters into soldiers, archers, commanders, workers and more. After you have full soldiers and commanders, lead them into war with the enemy.
Ancient Warfare Mod is divided into many different modules including one main module and the rest modules will share the same feature of the original. Players can install each module individually or in combination with other mods. The modules that Ancient Warfare Mod man came to include include Automation, NPCs, Structure, Generation in addition to the Core version.

Schematics mod also makes a mod bring many interesting experiences for Minecraft players. Install Schematics mod to allow gamers to use their favorite works in their open-world adventure.

Core module in Ancient Warfare Mod will help add main functionality and sharing code to other modules. Besides, Structure Module is responsible for adding template based on creating constructions in World Gen. Includes in-game tools for creating new templates, tools for creating maps say them. Automation Module includes machines for farming, planting trees, exploiting natural resources, raising livestock, mining, processing ore automatically. Finally, the NPC module helps to supplement the NPCs that are recruited to fight and do other jobs.

How to install?

  • Download Forge Installer and and CodeChickenLib, download Ancient Warfare Mod jar file
  • Right-click Forge Installer, select “Run as Administrator” and then click OK
  • Click Start on the desktop
  • Open “Run”
  • Type “% appdata%” in Run and press Enter
  • Go to Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  • Put the Mod file in Mods folders and then run Minecraft
  • Enjoy!

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Ancient Warfare Mod

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