Daily Media Viet Nam MCN partner and Advertising agency of Tiktok

Daily Media Viet Nam MCN partner and Advertising agency of Tiktok,Officially becoming MCN’s partner and Tiktok’s advertising agency in Vietnam, Daily Media, besides developing content, will protect the copyright of creative videos.

Focus on helping content developers make money on Tik Tok

As the fastest growing video social network in the world, Tik Tok is gradually proving its strength in the Vietnamese market with 12 million users with many videos becoming top trending.

Illustration. (Source: Reuters)
Illustration. (Source: Reuters)

Therefore, Tik Tok cooperates with Daily Media – a company specializing in content development and consulting many youtube channels with millions of followers, copyright protection for more than 30 artists on the Daily Motion platform ( The world’s fourth-largest video monetization platform) will help the Tik Tok community in Vietnam be oriented to develop content and make money on this social network.

According to Mr. Vu Hoang, Director of Daily Media Company, the creation of Tik Tok content in Vietnam is limited. Although there are about 3,000 content creators on the platform, the number of people who actually make money isn’t much.

“With its experience, Daily Media is proud to become the official representative of Tiktok in Vietnam to support content development, training and development of KOLs, Influencers. Becoming MCN partner of Tik Tok, Daily Media gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, and make money on the Tiktok platform. In addition, Daily Media also signed an agreement to become an ad agency (ads agency) on the Tiktok platform, giving businesses the opportunity to promote and advertise on the world’s leading social networking platform today ” Hoang said.

Mr. Hoang also assessed that content development in the current context is a right step because traditional events are influenced by Covid 19. Customers have shifted to online and video promotion. Besides, the effectiveness of using video is more intuitive, users easily interact on social networks, so it is easy to create attraction.

Along with the copyright protection of content

As one of the companies that understand and have a lot of experience in video copyright protection, especially the protection of rights on digital platforms, Daily Media will be the unit to help content developers peace of mind. create.

“The entertainment trend of social network users is more difficult and fast, so we always have to change to create to adapt to viewers. Therefore, every innovative product deserves respect and protection. As an MCN partner of Tik Tok, Daily Media will help protect copyright for content developers, “said Mr. Hoang.

Mr. Vu Hoang - Director of Daily Media (middle cover)
Mr. Vu Hoang – Director of Daily Media (middle cover)

In fact, in Vietnam, most users still have the habit of using for free, so the problem of respecting copyright is still very low. In particular, the issue of copyright on digital platforms is even more difficult to protect. Copyright infringement on the Internet environment in particular takes place for all types of works, from literary and scientific works to cinema, music, videos … Rights violations are also very diverse, from infringement of rights. ownership such as the right to copy, the right to transmit and distribute the work …

For example, video copyright on Youtube is always a painful problem. It is very easy to find the same videos on Youtube, which are uploaded by many users or “pass by” to each other.

“To limit piracy, we will work closely with Tik Tok as well as its creators, and have tools to control posted content and duplication, from That gives handling measures when there is a violation “, Director of Daily Media said.

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