Color is popular of iPhone 5C?


Color is popular of iPhone 5C? The world is full of lovers of all things blond, lemon, saffron, or otherwise yellow — if early availability of the colored iPhone 5C is any indication.

Apple began taking iPhone 5C preorders on Friday and we quickly began to notice that there appears to be either a run on the yellow models or perhaps a shortage of polycarbonate in a sunny hue.

On Apple’s iPhone 5C page, most flavors of the new, more affordable iPhone look ready to ship on September 20 as promised, with the exception of the yellow unlocked model, which won’t deliver till five days later. Sprint also reported early on that it might take an extra week for the carrier to deliver a yellow 5C; now they’re saying: “We’ll do our best to get it to you by 9/20.”

Perhaps, like me, Sprint and Apple didn’t anticipate yellow to be a particularly popular shade for a phone. Verizon seems to have plenty though. Kind of ironic for a company called “Big Red.”

I’ve reached out to Apple to see if there truly is a shortage and will update this post when I hear back.

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