Cloud applications and best online storage for Android

Cloud applications and best online storage for Android. For some time now online storage (or the cloud) has taken the place of our usual hard drive memory and we’re all the happier for it. It is oh so easy to simply connect to Google Drive from anywhere to find all our personal documents, photos, videos and more. The most popular Android services out there are Dropbox (that offers 2 GB of free storage), and Google Drive (which offers 15 GB free). But the Google Play Store is full of cloud tools, perhaps lesser known than the Dropbox/Drive dynamic duo, but which are equally free and some with much more space.

Get amongst the cloud with our selection of the best online storage apps. / © mnsc vía Flickr CC.


SugarSync offers exactly the same space, 5 GB for free, but it is really simple and fast. This cloud application differs from others because it offers more payment methods, more storage space in the cloud, and it allows you to invite friends to use your files for example, and is also connected to social networks. Personally, I think this is the most intuitive online storage app I’ve ever tested, especially for inexperienced cloud service users. Instead of a series of folders, we are shown a clear menu with quick options such as Photos, Shared Documents, Private Documents, etc. The app’s simplicity and clarity certainly helps to better locate each file.



This application is available free in the Google Play Store and is very easy to use. It may be free but it only offers 5 GB of free space. Beyond this point the user is asked to pay $10 US per year. At this price, however, you will have 25 GB of cloud storage. You’re limited to a 250 MB file upload limit with the free account though. This is perhaps the most basic application of our list because it has no super special features: Box is there simply to upload, download and share files, although it is possible to edit and comment on files in the cloud. Box also has a widget that notifies you of any changes to shared documents.




With this tool, you can really say that you are using cloud storage. MediaFire serves it up on a platter, because this application offers up to 50 GB of free available space, which is perfect for saving or sharing music or videos. But all that glitters is not gold: there is obviously critical points too. First of all, you only get 10 GB to start and have to earn the rest (or you can pay $2.50 US/month for 100 GB) and although its interface is clean the menu is a bit confusing. It has all the basic functions to download images, download and share archives etc., including those off your camera, which saves a lot of time. But another disadvantage is that the size limit for each file is 200 MB, at least in the free version. Paying more of course will earn you access to more privileges.



Mega is another application that provides 50GB of storage to users upon arrival free of charge. This is one of the latest on Android and is based out of New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud. Everything you upload is encrypted and the encryption keys stay with the user, so there’s no need for privacy concerns here. You can manage your Mega account, download files and even synchronize your camera directly to your account to automatically obtain a copy of the images and videos when you connect it. For now, it is pretty basic, but it should be updated soon, and it is offering you 50 GB of genuine free cloud storage. Choice bro!


Ubuntu One Files

This is one of the most reliable apps out there, although as with the first two applications on this list, it provides only 5 GB free. Ubuntu One Files is available in the Google Play Store and you need only create an account to use it, which you can do from the application or the web version. You can upload photos from both your gallery and the device, save your information and share files. You can earn up to 20 GB through referrals too. The application also has an additional feature that can be very useful for music lovers: an online music player. So you can download music to listen to on your device, or listen online on the cloud service. I like the sounds of that


So these are our recommendations for online cloud storage, but what other free cloud applications do you use and recommend?

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