ChocoCraft Mod adds Chocobo mob from Final Fantasy

ChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft adds a new mob called Chocobo from the classic NGO series Final Fantasy into the Minecraft world.

ChocoCraft Mod 1.12.1/1.7.10 also includes a variety of color mobs with diverse attributes, with childish or mature shapes. There are a total of 9 types of Chocobo with their own colors and abilities. They are domesticated with Gysahl Greens and bred like many other animals in Minecraft.

You can find Chocobo in mountains, fields or jungles, in many different communes but special types need to be hybrid in the game. White Chocobo mobs usually run very fast, can move on water, yellow, pink or red can fly and climb at high speed. The purple Chocobo is only available in the Nether or End and can fly, pass through lava, without damage or fire. There are also several other variants from these main types of Chocobo.

Some outstanding features of ChocoCraft Mod

  • Chocobo was born near basic biomes and ExtrabiomesXL.
  • Natura Biome is not the birth location of Chocobo.
  • Chocobo is a passive mob. When attacked, it will run and seek refuge.
  • There are 9 colors chocobo are yellow, green, blue, white, black, copper gold, red, pink and purple.
  • Gysahl Greens are found anywhere in the Minecraft world, used to tame and heal Chocobo.

In addition, ChocoCraft Mod offers a variety of hybrid formulas to create new Varieties of Chocobo, square blocks and items to make items for this unique mob. ChocoCraft Mod is installed through the Minecraft Forge program.

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ChocoCraft Mod

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