Cancel Automatic Payment of PayPal

Cancel Automatic Payment of PayPal, How to cancel PayPal Automatic Payment.

Hi everybody paypal use payment automatic for marketting onloine. Simple payment for an automatic debit, credit or paypal payment. Paypal recurring payments allow seller to automatically renew the subscription payment on the expiry date.

Automatic Payment of PayPal
Automatic Payment of PayPal

In other words, if you bought the subscription using Paypal, your subscription will be automatically renewed and your debit/credit card will be charged at the time the billing cycle is triggered. This process continues until you cancel the service.

To stop recurring billing charges:

1) Login to your Paypal Account

2) Put your mouse over the “History” and click “Basic Search” as shown below.

You’ll get a list of all your subscriptions and their status as shown below.

3) Now click on “Details” or the name of subscription you wish to cancel.

4) At the Subscription page, Click “Cancel Subscription” as shown below.

5) On the next page, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Click the “Cancel Subscription” button to complete the cancellation.

6) You are done!

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