(ACA) Afghan Cyber Army hacked multiple Pakistan Government websites.

(ACA) Afghan Cyber Army  hacked multiple Pakistan Government websites.

EHN reported earlier today that Indian hackers have breached Pakistan Minsitry of Education website- The hack was payback to the Goa government site hack.

Now, another a hacker group from Afghanistan called “Afghan Cyber ARmy” has break into the multiple Pakistan Government websites and left them defaced.

One of the Defaced Page – E Hacking News Report


The hacked website includes District Government of LARKANA(larkana.gov.pk), District Government Hyderabad(hyderabad.gov.pk), SHAHEED BENAZIRABAD(www.benazirabad.gov.pk) and Government of Sindh(www.home.gos.pk).
“Hacked By Afghan Cyber Army.  Feel The Power of Afghanistan. We are :Afghan Haxor” The defacement message reads.

“Pray for all the innocent victims of Kabul attack this is a small answer From All Afghans Remember We are the new generation of Afghanistan and we are not stupid”

The group have also reportedly hacked into National Disaster Management Authority (ndma.gov.pk), shpd.gov.pk and have deleted the database.

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