A Quick Tips Best Keyword Research For Mobile

A Quick Tips Keyword Research For Mobile. This blog is about how to use keywords especially for the mobile users. Mobile keyword research can helps you to meet your business goals; so you need to know how to do mobile keyword research. Before finding out the way to do mobile keyword research, you should know why to do mobile keyword research.

Here it’s briefed who to do keyword search and then how to do it. The basic reason is that you may be missing out on keywords that most of your mobile pro audience is using.




There are a number of categories like restaurants and malls where most of the search is conducted via mobiles so might miss out this element to grab maximum number of mobile researchers. There are numerous good tools today from Bing and Google specifically designed to assist the marketers in conducting mobile keywords researches

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– Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides businesses with an excellent platform for collecting data concerning their site. Note that if you are not using the most appropriate keywords, Google Webmaster Tools won’t help you with identifying the most popular keywords for your niche but you will see how you are doing in the SERPs.

At the “Search Queries” interface of Google Webmaster Tools, filter the search for only mobile data. The subsequent report is useful for businesses to collect data on the most popular keywords, rankings and click-through rate of the mobile-specific keywords.

– Google Analytics

To identify popular mobile-specific keywords using Google analytics:

Go to Audience —>  Mobile —> Overview

Filter the results: Include —> Mobile. The other two fields are filled as follows: Exclude: (not set) and Exclude: (not provided) respectively.

The purpose of doing this is to generate a list of keywords used by consumers on mobile devices.

– Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is very useful for mobile keyword research being the only tool available to business owners that generates mobile-specific keywords your pages are not already optimized for. As is the case with traditional SEO keyword research, when collecting the most appropriate keywords, think about your audience first but don’t restrict yourself to a desktop context.

– Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence is the only mobile keyword research tool available for the estimation of the volume of tablet search queries. Unlike the Google Keyword Tool, it does not generate mobile keywords but this tool can go a long way in helping you streamline your compiled list of mobile-specific keywords by running a specific traffic report for the different mobile devices. Bing Ads Intelligence also allows users to access demographic data, which can be useful for building buyer personas.

– App Keyword Research Tools

Neither Google nor Apple has a keyword tool for Apps. The best place to get official information on app keyword popularity seems to be the engines themselves, which offer app-specific keywords in the autosuggest for their search engines.

–  Keyword Qualification

You should have a lot of mobile keywords; however it is important to decide the best ones. The following are methods to help you make better business decisions with mobile keywords.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Keywords?

Desktop queries v/z mobile queries: The search queries report on Google Webmaster Tools is one of the few useful tools available to website owners for the purpose of comparing, side by side, desktop queries versus mobile queries. This report is very useful in comprehending the behavior of consumers. Based on the report, you can gain a better perspective as to what kind of site you should be running to match your business goals.

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