8 Things That Kill Your Link Sales

You can increase your link sales by fixing the following problems:

  1. Wrongly selected website category (that’s much more important than you can imagine). If your site is about Credit Cards and your selected category is ‘SEO’, this will kill link sales from your websites because of several reasons. 1) When our clients want to buy links on SEO related websites, they will see your Credit Cards related website and will NOT buy any links from you. 2) Moreover, they’ll click “Don’t Show” button and won’t see your site in the future at all. This will also lower your MageNet publisher rating and decrease the possible number of link sales from your sites in the whole system.
  2. Outside of USA hosting. Most our customers are from USA. That’s why we have filtered out all websites in our LinksManagement Inventory that are hosted outside of one of these countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia. So if your website is in English, but your hosting is outside of one of these countries, you need to move your sites to USA hosting in order to get link sales. Otherwise, your websites are not even shown in the LinksManagement Inventory.
  3. Low quality looking website. If our clients visit your website and they don’t like how it looks like because of any reason, they just won’t buy from you. header_1
  4. Low amount of content. Websites with a lot of quality content get much more link sales. Add more content to your websites. MageNet sells links to our clients for keywords, found within the content of your PR1+ pages. So the more content you’ve got, the more link sales you’ll get.
  5. Low Google PR of your webpages or too little number of PR1+ pages (learn more about Google PageRank). Please note that currently MageNet sells links only from PR1+ pages of your websites. The more PR1+ pages you have, the more offers you’ll be getting from us. The higher Google PR of your pages is, the more money you’ll be getting for each link on a monthly basis from us. Find out the most efficient way of increasing your website’s Google PR. Then sign up at LinksManagement, login and buy a few PR4-PR8 links with the highest passed PR weight to increase your websites’ Google PR.
  6. Placing links to irrelevant websites. For example, If your webpage is about real estate and you place links on it, pointing to pharmacy, cigarette, credit cards or any other irrelevant website categories, your website may beexcluded from link sales because links from such webpages may hurt our clients’ sites rankings. You should place links on your sites, pointing to websites with the same topic as yours or topic that is close to it. For example, if your website is about advertising, and you get an offer to place a link, pointing to SEO or marketing related website, such link will be considered as relevant because SEO, as well as marketing are close topics to advertising. So such link will be fine.
  7. Non-English website. 98% of link purchases are made from websites with English language. We’re very sorry if your sites are NOT in English, but there is nothing we can do about it right now. Most of our clients are from USA, UK, Canada and Australia – all English speaking countries.
  8. Too many outbound links on your webpages. Links from webpages with 25 or more outbound links are NOT made. Moreover, link price actually depends on the number of outbound links on your pages. That’s why if you’ve got too many unnecessary outbound links on your pages, remove them in order to get more for each sold backlink from MageNet

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