Railroad Engineer Mod Update in GTA V

Railroad Engineer
With Railroad Engineer, you’ll be able to drive trains and trams in Grand Theft Auto V.
Do not forget to love Railroad Engineer!
Trace: Edit the ini-file to alter the habits of Railroad Engineer.
Official Video: Practice Crash and Derailment

Manage the mod to the train driver in GTA 5:
[F] log in to exit the train, to enter – pinch.
[W] speed up
[S] brake, go back.
[Space] brake
[Space] + [S] emergency brake
[X] * bring the train off the track
[E] * toot
[H] headlight
[G] open close the doors
[E] ** Engineer commands
[A], [D] change the driver’s place, (push the driver out of the cab

New Features added:
NEW explosions of derailed trains
NEW collisions with derailed trains
NEW camera shake just before derailment
NEW improved derailment
NEW engineer commands in freight train
NEW change seat in freight train
NEW hard brake
NEW realistic entrance
NEW radio
NEW more realistic default values in ini-file
NEW new options in ini-file
NEW disable special functions in ini-file
drive train or tram with different properties
derailment (automatic, manual)
open/close doors
realistic and nonlinear acceleration/braking
easy access
displays (speed mph/kmh, derailment, doors, distance)
ini-file (configuration file)

Engineer Commands

Enter a freight train and do not kick out the engineer. Choose your desired command with [E]. Leave the cab with [F] and jump off the train. Now the engineer executes your command.

Hint: Engineer commands are not available if the engineer is dead or not inside the train.

Download and review : Railroad Engineer (train mod with derailment) GTA V