5 Free Games Similar to Minecraft

Looking for Computer Games like Minecraft? Try These!

Minecraft is a unique game that involves mining resources, crafting items and materials, building structures, and otherwise manipulating the environment in a near-infinite, randomly generated 3-D world made of blocks. Oh, and there are monsters. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that was influenced by many games that came before it and has inspired more than a few games since. The following is a round-up of the best free games like Minecraft. Some of them are more obviously similar to Minecraft than others, but all of these great games incorporate at least a few of the elements that make Minecraft so much fun. Enjoy!


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Dwarf Fortress:

This is probably the game most often cited as having similarities to Minecraft, but if you’re new to the game, you might not understand the comparison right away. Dwarf Fortress uses 2-D text-based graphics and controls, which makes it appear to have nothing in common with Minecraft at first glance.

Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress

The 2-D rendering actually represents a 3-D world, however, and the map you start with is quite large and randomly generated, similarly to Minecraft. Also like Minecraft, there are dangers in this world, and you must direct your dwarves to find or construct shelter. They must also mine and otherwise gather raw materials in this world, at your direction, and then use these materials for building and crafting. The similarities are definitely there, but Dwarf Fortress will probably take some getting used to. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, try this tutorial for newbies.

Dwarf Fortress is a free download.


Blockland is a building game that is often compared to playing with Legos. In the game, you are given a nearly endless supply of many, many different types of blocks with which to build whatever you want. If building and creating is what you enjoy most about Minecraft, then you will love Blockland. Beyond just building, various effects can be applied within the world you create, which makes the game more interesting and allows for mini-games. Like in Minecraft, there are single and multi-player modes.


The free demo of Blockland includes 150 different kinds of blocks. The demo can be upgraded to the full version.


This is another building game, but it may have more in common with Minecraft than Blockland does. The blocks in Blockland are of many different shapes and sizes, but Cubelands uses only different varieties of cubes. The controls are extremely reminiscent of Minecraft, moving and jumping with the same keys, adding and subtracting cubes with right and left mouse clicks. It is entirely multi-player.


Cubelands can be played online for free.

Wurm Online:

This MMO was co-created by Notch, the developer of Minecraft, and the two games contain many similarities. In Wurm Online, you are set down on the map of your choice with only a few basic tools. From here, you can explore the vast landmass. The world is entirely interactive. You can forage for food, cut down trees, dig, mine, plant, and much more. As you gather resources, you can begin to craft a wide variety of items and build structures. You must keep your health up by eating and staying hydrating, as well as avoiding injury. There are dangers and enemies in this world that you must protect yourself from.

Sound familiar? The two games are not exactly alike, however. The graphics in Wurm Online are much more realistic. Though you can choose to avoid other players, it is a multi-player game, and much of the environment is player-built. Wurm Online also has a much slower pace and some more complex features. The concepts sound deceptively similar, but these two games play quite differently.

After registering, Wurm Online can be played for free.

Bunnies of Fury 2:

In this game, you start with a flat plane of Minecraft-esque squares (they’re really cubes, as you’ll discover once you start digging in). You have a few simple controls that allow you to add, subtract, and paint individual blocks or large numbers of blocks all at once, but only from a fixed location. When it comes to free games like Minecraft, this one doesn’t have quite as many similarities, but it does involve building and destroying cubes. It’s also oddly addicting, very pretty, and a superb time-waster.

Bunnies of Fury 2 is free to play online.

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